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Got Cmkx?

Greetings!  I am a private individual who has an interest in CMKX Shares. We are have been told for years now that settlements and payments are imminent. After years of this, we still have not seen a dime. I know people are tired of the stories and some have given up on CMKX all together. However, I still believe something may come of it, when and how much? I do not have a clue to this. I am looking to acquire more shares. 

Here is how it will work. 

To transfer shares:
1) The original certificate must be signed and returned to Transfer Online at the address below
2) Complete the Irrevocable Stock Power form (avail at (Forms))
3) Obtain a Medallion Signature Guaranty (see a local bank)
4) Include a detailed letter of instructions exactely how the new certificates are to be issued and where they should be returned.
5) Cost is $25 per certificate issued, payment methods are check or credit card - DO NOT SEND CASH

All certificates will be returned USPS First Class unless other arrangement are made and prepaid.

Transfer Online
512 SE Salmon St.
Portland, OR  97214

You will need to contact me at  NOTE:This is for the sell of your shares, no info about CMKX will be provided. Please do your own research.